Are You an Exercise Addict?

While exercise aficionados know that working out hard leads to improved stamina and training, the activity, when overdone, can also make one weaker. Incorporating rest with training then is the only way to truly become stronger. Without the two components, you will be overdoing ...Read More

Most Effective Cardio Exercises

The benefits of cardio exercise are becoming better appreciated as more people get serious about their health and fitness. Any workout that maintains an elevated heart rate for an extended period is considered to be a form of cardio. Another reason the term is ...Read More

Getting Started with Pilates

Pilates is growing in popularity as a fitness routine, physical-rehabilitation technique, and sports-training activity. The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) describes it as an “exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body.” Pilates involves the “systematic practice of specific exercises, coupled ...Read More